Need more time to live your life

At Alston Knight we can do many of these chores for you, allowing you to spend more time enjoying yourself and thereby making the most of your life at home. You can use our services regularly, or just when you feel you could do with a little help to get through a particularly busy period.

We can help you with everything from house cleaning, ironing and laundry to food shopping, cooking, dog walking & many other household tasks..


Cleaning, ironing & laundry

Your home will be clean, fresh and tidy. All your ironing pressed and put away.

Food Shopping

Assisted and unassisted supermarket trips. Food unpacked and stored back at your home.


We can prepare nutritious meals as part of a weekly balanced diet. Ready for you as you return home.

Dog Walking

We can exercise your dog for you during the day when you’re not at home.